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Islam's emphasis on cleanliness is a known fact to even little children of good Muslims homes cleanliness is half of Faith (Iman one hadith teaches us)..

At the time of sexual intercourse, this aspect of Islam becomes even more emphatic..

Physical cleanliness enhances spiritual purity. Both the partners should preferably be in the state of wuzu..

As mentioned previously under the section on PREPARATION 4), the mouth should be cleansed thoroughly with miswaak or a brush .

at least. There cannot be a worse turn-off than bad breath and pungent odours. Those habituated to smoking should take extra precautions in this regard. The importance of this can be gauged from the masala of Shariah with regard to a person who has eaten onions or garlic entering the masjid. The Fuqaha (Rahimahumullah)(Jurists) have ruled that it is Prohibited for such a person to enter the majid! Reason: Because it is a cause of Takleef (discomfort) to the fellow-musallis. .

How important would it then be for husband and wife, who are constantly in each other proximity to maintain proper oral hygiene and not to cause abhorrence to each other by neglecting this important aspect of Taharah and cleanliness! .

Such neglect could be the cause of serious detriment to the marriage..

It is such seemingly "insignificant" matters that become the root to broken homes and other marital discord. It is also useful to apply it or scent as was the sunnah of our honourable Master Rasulullah (Sallahllahu-Alayhi- Wasallah). This will cause mutual attraction..


The importance of a correct intention has been adequately stressed To attain rewards for this act, a proper niyyah (intention) should always be formulated. .

One saintly person says with regard to himself that he once kissed his wife without making the proper intention (i.e. to please ALLAH(Zzza-wa-Jall) that He had made Halaal). As a result of this, he states that he suffered a setback of one full year in his spiritual progress. .

This sufficiently expresses the importance of correct intentions in all actions, at all times. .

Furthermore, Hazrat Ibnu-Abbas (Radiyallahu-Anhum) says: "I love to adorn myself for women (my wives) as much as I wish them to adorn themselves for me". Preparation from both the partners..


Fore play is a vital element of a happy and successful martial life. .

It should never be neglected. It is absolutely vital that a man arouse his wife sexually via foreplay before indulging in sexual intercourse. .

It is indeed callous and selfish that he fulfils his desires like an animal while his wife experiences no sensation whatsoever..

This is extremely demoralizing for the women and has terrible consequences for the couple and their marriage..

Therefore every couple should take the trouble of exploring those regions of each other's anatomy that will arouse their desires and heighten their pleasure. These areas are known as the "erogenous zones"..

They vary from person to person but are generally concentrated in the upper body are and the below the naval, if stroked tenderly, cause the sexual desires to rise and passions to be kindled..

Even in this regard we find the beautiful teaching of Rasulullah (Sallallahu-Alayhi-Wasallam) a guidance for us; that in very subtle manner he impressed upon his companions (Radiyallahu-Anhum) importance and necessity of foreplay with the wife. For example:-.

It is narrated in the Ahadith that once Rasulullah (Sallallahu-Alayhi-Wasallam) came to know that Hazrat Jabir "(Radiyallhu-Anhum) had married a widow. He said: "Why did you not marry a virgin whom you could play with and Who would play with you?" BUKHARI, MUSLIM This is a subtle indication towards love play or foreplay between the couple..

Furthermore, the importance of expressing love and feelings towards each other can be learned from the Ahadith of Rasulullah(Sallallahu-Alayhi-Wasallam) that go to this effect that when a husband or wife gaze at each other with love and affection, Allah (Azza-wa-Jall) gazes at them with mercy and kindness. When the husband and wife hold each others hands with love and affection, Allah Ta'ala forgives their sins..

If the wife is breast-feeding, caution should be observed that no milk enters the throat during the course of loveplay. .

It is Makroohe- Tahrimi for the husband to drink the milk of his wife. If any person, out of ignorance has transgressed this regulation of the Shariah, the only form of expiation is a sincere taubah and repetance. However, this does not affect the bond of nikah as is the misconception of many people..

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