Sunday, 21 August 2011


For the protection from shaitaan and other harms, it is important to recite the Masnoon Duas at the time of intercourse. In this way the couple and their progeny will be protected from much harm..

The respective duas for this occasion are as follows:- 1. AT THE TIME OF COMMENCING WITH INTERCOURSE:-.


"In the name of Allah, O Allah! Save us from Shaitaan and prevent shaitaan from that which you grant us"..


"O Allah! Do not grant shaitaan any share of that which you have granted me". Note:- 1. At the time of ejaculation, the dua should be recited in the mind only, not verbally..

2. Both husband and wife should recite the dua..

It is reported that if a person does not recite these duas, Shaitaan participates with him in the act of coitus and derives pleasure from his wife. .

Not reciting the dua is also a cause for rebellious and disobedient progeny as is observe in our times. Shah Abdul-Haq Dehlawi (Rahimahumullah) states in this regard: "If a prayer like this is not made at the time of coitus and only the sexual urge is fulfilled like the animals; .

the child that is born out of such a union will not be saved from the evil influence of Shaitaan. This is one of the main reasons that the morals of the present generation are not good.".


Another point of significance is the importance of Zikr in the life of a Mumin(Believer). Unlike other religious, Islam regards even mudane activities as acts of worship (Ibadah) and obedience (Ta'aat) if carried out under the regulations of Shariah, with the correct intention and with the Zikr of Allah (Azza-wa-Jall). Thus what would normally be a debased act in other religions, is a noble act of worship and obedience that is rewardable in Islam..

These duas serve to develop Allah-consciousness and piety in a Muslim. It is highly imperative that every couple endeavour to learn, memorise and recite these duas at the appropriate time..

A little effort and sacrifice of time is required, but the returns are enormous and far-reaching..

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